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Tommy Henson, age 33, of Waynesburg, and his passenger were injured in a head-on crash with a Ford Mustang. Henson was driving a Dodge Durango on US 421 Sunday, when a 1997 Ford Mustang cross the center line of the roadway and struck Henson’s Durango head-on. Henson and his passenger were both taken to Manchester Memorial Hospital for their injuries. The driver of the Mustang was died from her injuries.

Henson and his passenger both have Kentucky legal claims related to this accident. They will both have expensive medical bills, and other monetary losses that they will be entitled under Kentucky Law to be compensated for, as this crash was not their fault. It is a tragic loss of life for the driver of the Mustang and her family, and the Henson and his passenger are also still tragically suffering from this crash.

Both Henson and his passenger have similar and yet distinctive legal claims due to the insurances involved in this type of accident.

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Mary Wells died from injuries she sustained in a Pulaski County car crash that occurred just north of Somerset, Kentucky. It occurred near the intersection of US 27 and Still Water Road on Saturday. Ms. Wells was a passenger in a car that pulled in front of a Jeep, and collided with the Jeep. Ms. Wells was only 58 years old at the time of her death.

The Family of Ms. Wells has legal rights under Kentucky Law related to this deadly crash. The will be able to establish a Legal Estate to represent Ms. Wells and seek a Kentucky Wrongful Death claim related to the accident that caused Ms. Well’s injuries and her death. This type of legal claim is controlled by Kentucky Statute, KRS 411.130, and is referred to as a Kentucky Wrongful Death claim.

Wrongful Death claims are more complex that regular auto accident claims, and require that a Legal Estate be established to represent the deceased person. This type of legal claim will allow the family to seek to have the hospital bills paid, funeral costs, and other monetary compensation for the loss of Ms. Well’s life.

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Kentucky State Police have reported that David Pandy III, age 35, was killed in an auto accident in Muldraugh, Kentucky. Also injured were Karen Vuturo, age 52, of Brandenburg, Kentucky, and Vonda Carnegie. Bobby Alvey, age 41, of Louisville, Kentucky was in one of the vehicles involved in the three vehicle car crash, but initial reports indicate that he was not suffering injuries immediately following the accident.

The reports indicate that Pandy’s 1996 Honda Civic crossed the center line of the road, struck Carnegie’s 2005 Honda Accord and the crossed back into the southbound flow of traffic and struck Alvey’s 2000 Ford Focus. The Accident happened around 3:30 p.m. near the Dixie Highway & Brandenburg Station Road intersection. At this time it is unclear why Pandy’s vehicle lost control. Carnegie and Vuturo will have legal claims to recovery for the injuries, medical bills, pain & suffering, and any lost wages related to being off work due to their injuries. Alvey, who was not initially showing signs of injury, may need some medical attention in the future (as soft tissue injuries may take a few days to set in), and in which case he too would have legal claims related to this accident. Depending upon what the investigation shows in the cause of Pandy’s loss of control of his vehicle, he family and his Estate may also have legal claims related to his death.
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Trinity High School students in Louisville, Kentucky were given the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a car simulator which simulates how difficult it is to drive after consuming alcohol. The simulation was part of a school-wide effort to educate students on the dangers of drinking and driving. These students also went through a seminar on accident statistics and videos of actual accidents. The Company that does the simulation also has simulations of the problems that come with texting and driving, drug use and driving, and cell phone use while driving. The goal of the simulation program is to impress upon young drivers the severity of poor driving decisions.

Everyday in Kentucky, people are killed and injured in accidents that are related to driver negligence, which includes driving under the influence of alcohol. Programs like this one will hopefully cause young people to be more careful when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. It gives them a chance to experience the problems before they actually happen, which can alter poor decision making.

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