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Students Get Hands-On Lesson Of Dangers Of Drinking & Driving

Trinity High School students in Louisville, Kentucky were given the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a car simulator which simulates how difficult it is to drive after consuming alcohol. The simulation was part of a school-wide effort to educate students on the dangers of drinking and driving. These students also went through a seminar on accident statistics and videos of actual accidents. The Company that does the simulation also has simulations of the problems that come with texting and driving, drug use and driving, and cell phone use while driving. The goal of the simulation program is to impress upon young drivers the severity of poor driving decisions.

Everyday in Kentucky, people are killed and injured in accidents that are related to driver negligence, which includes driving under the influence of alcohol. Programs like this one will hopefully cause young people to be more careful when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. It gives them a chance to experience the problems before they actually happen, which can alter poor decision making.

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