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Alcohol Thought To Be A Factor In Breckenridge County Fatal Accident

A fatal accident occurred Saturday in Breckenridge County, Kentucky. This crash happened on US 60 when a truck crossed the center line of traffic and hit another vehicle head-on. James Dupin, age 43, died at the scene of the accident from the injuries he sustained when the truck came into his lane traffic. Alcohol is a suspected factor in this fatal crash.

The family of James Dupin, will be able to bring a Kentucky Wrongful Death legal claim against the driver of the vehicle that killed Mr. Dupin. Additionally, if alcohol is proven to be a factor, the driver of the at-fault truck will be criminally prosecuted also.

Anytime alcohol is a factor in a motor vehicle crash, the family of the victim needs to have an investigation performed into where the drunk driver had been drinking. Under Kentucky law, if the drunk driver was drinking at a bar or restaurant prior to et accident, the victim could bring a Kentucky Dram Shop legal action against that business for over-serving the drink driver. This type of legal claim will help afford the victim or their family more financial reimbursement and compensation for the accident and helps to punish bars and restaurants for over-serving drinkers, putting their profits over the safety of the community.

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