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Tommy Henson & Passenger Injured In Kentucky Car Crash

Tommy Henson, age 33, of Waynesburg, and his passenger were injured in a head-on crash with a Ford Mustang. Henson was driving a Dodge Durango on US 421 Sunday, when a 1997 Ford Mustang cross the center line of the roadway and struck Henson’s Durango head-on. Henson and his passenger were both taken to Manchester Memorial Hospital for their injuries. The driver of the Mustang was died from her injuries.

Henson and his passenger both have Kentucky legal claims related to this accident. They will both have expensive medical bills, and other monetary losses that they will be entitled under Kentucky Law to be compensated for, as this crash was not their fault. It is a tragic loss of life for the driver of the Mustang and her family, and the Henson and his passenger are also still tragically suffering from this crash.

Both Henson and his passenger have similar and yet distinctive legal claims due to the insurances involved in this type of accident.

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