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UPDATED STORY: Latonya Hunt Of Sidon Mississippi Kill In Louisville Kentucky SUV Accident

As the story and the legalities were discussed in an early posting, including photos of the accident, (Click here for link to earlier story link), a pregnant woman and her unborn child were killed in a SUV accident in Louisville Kentucky on I-71. The victim has been identified as 31 year old Latonya Hunt of Sidon Mississippi. Ms. Hunt was a passenger in the vehicle and was 27 weeks pregnant. She was ejected from the GMC Envoy and died of blunt force injures. Tow other women in the vehicle were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Ms. Hunt’s family will have a Kentucky Wrongful Death legal claim against the driver of the vehicle and her insurance company. It can be legally sought by the establishment of a Kentucky Estate, for the express purposes of pursuing the lawsuit. The legal compensation sought will vary based upon the circumstances of the accident, but will include a lifetime of lost earning potential, which puts a large legal/financial compensation for the family of Ms. Hunt.

Passengers in single car accidents have legal rights under Kentucky law to seek civil justice for the injuries or death caused by the single vehicle accident.

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