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Paducah Kentucky Accident Injures Two

Kimberly Youngblood, age 50, of Kevil, and Benjamin Crabtree, age 30, of West Paducah were both injured in a Kentucky auto accident that occurred on Woodville Road. The accident happened as Youngblood was attempting to pass Crabtree’s vehicle, as Crabtree’s vehicle attempted to make a left had turn.

Negligence and fault in this accident are complicated by the facts involved of one vehicle attempting to pass another wile that vehicle is turning. Legally, to determine which injured party will be legally responsible to the other will depend on a thorough examine of what exactly happened. Should Youngblood have known that Crabtree was going to turn? Was the location of the pass one which legally allowed for vehicles to pass each other? Should Crabtree have seen Youngblood?

The at fault party will be legally responsible for medical bills, pain & suffering, and any other damages resulting fro the wreck. The lawyers will likely have to argue and sort out who bears fault and what percentage in this accident.

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