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Mary Wells Died From Injuries Sustained In Pulaski County Kentucky Car Crash

Mary Wells died from injuries she sustained in a Pulaski County car crash that occurred just north of Somerset, Kentucky. It occurred near the intersection of US 27 and Still Water Road on Saturday. Ms. Wells was a passenger in a car that pulled in front of a Jeep, and collided with the Jeep. Ms. Wells was only 58 years old at the time of her death.

The Family of Ms. Wells has legal rights under Kentucky Law related to this deadly crash. The will be able to establish a Legal Estate to represent Ms. Wells and seek a Kentucky Wrongful Death claim related to the accident that caused Ms. Well’s injuries and her death. This type of legal claim is controlled by Kentucky Statute, KRS 411.130, and is referred to as a Kentucky Wrongful Death claim.

Wrongful Death claims are more complex that regular auto accident claims, and require that a Legal Estate be established to represent the deceased person. This type of legal claim will allow the family to seek to have the hospital bills paid, funeral costs, and other monetary compensation for the loss of Ms. Well’s life.

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