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Woodford County, Kentucky Car Accident Claims Another Life: William Drury Died From This Accident

Another Kentucky person dies from a May 25th car crash that occurred in Versailles, Kentucky. The auto accident originally occurred when Cody Doan reportedly ran a red light and struck the side of a vehicle driven by the Mr. and Mrs. Drury. Barbara Drury died at the scene of the accident. Now the Drury family continues to suffer as William Drury has now died from the injuries that he sustained in that car collision.

The Drury Family and the Estates of William & Barbara Drury will have personal injury claims and wrongful death claims against Mr. Doan and his insurance company. The Drury family has lost 2 loved ones, incurred medical expenses, and has suffered numerous other damages that can be calculated and for which they can seek recovery for. This is a potential legal scenario that will not only be about recovering financially from this crash, but also about seeking to punish the negligent conduct and send a message to others to drive more carefully.

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