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Hardin County (E-Town) Kentucky Car Crash Results In Death & Serious Injury

A Kentucky car accident has killed two and injured one. The accident occurred on the Western Kentucky Parkway and was a single vehicle accident. The car was driven by Rose Davis of Cincinnati, Ohio, and the accident happened after the Chrysler 300M Ms. Davis was driving left the roadway and then over compensated to correctly get back on the road. The over compensation resulted in crossing both lanes and hitting a tree. The driver, Ms. Davis, suffered serious injuries, and two passengers, Yolanda Davis and Marion Petrie reportedly died from the injuries from this car wreck.

Even in single car accidents, the passengers can still seek to recovery the damages they have suffered, being medical bills, pain & suffering, and lost wages. In single car accidents that result in deaths, the passengers families and Estates can seek wrongful death claims against the driver for the families loss.

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