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Louisville, Kentucky Auto Accident Insurance Requirements Are More Stringently Enforced: Good News For Accident Victims

Louisville and Jefferson County, Kentucky is more stringently enforcing insurance requirements for drivers. This is good news for all drivers, especially accident victims (the not at-fault parties of car wreck). When a person is involved in a car wreck, they can suffer various injuries, and the damages can range from small to large amounts. Insurance is important in these situations because the insurance is often the only source of recovery for injuries and damages suffered due to the negligence of the at-fault driver.

Kentucky requires drivers to carry a certain minimal amount of automobile insurance coverage in order to operate a motor vehicle. However, the courts are flooded with criminal cases where drivers are cited by police for not having car insurance while driving a vehicle. This means that lots of people are driving cars, potentially causing car crashes, and do not have adequate insurance to pay for damages and injuries they may have caused.

Jefferson County Courts have allowed drivers, who drive without insurance to go into a diversion program, where they have lower fines and avoid jail time. This program has not proven to be that successful in that many drivers end up canceling insurance after the diversion program and are again caught without insurance while operating their vehicles. Due to the inability to monitor the diversion program participants, Jefferson County Courts are ceasing this program, and thus enforcing the laws and penalties to the fullest extent. This is a good thing for the rest of us out there who are responsible and maintain insurance coverage on vehicles we drive. The tougher penalties will now likely lead to more people being compliant with the law and having insurance to cover injuries and damages that may come from their driving. Auto accidents happen everyday, and its important that drivers who cause car wrecks have insurance to pay for the injuries and damages they cause.

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