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Vernon Johnson Killed While Changing Tire & Struck By Tractor-Trailer Truck

Vernon Johnson, age 39, of Louisville, Kentucky was changing a flat tire in the emergency lane of I-65 when he was hit and killed by a tractor-trailer truck. This tragic Kentucky accident happened around 11:30 p.m. along the northbound lane of I-65 near the Grade Lane exit and airport.

Accidents involving semis and tractor-trailer truck are serious legal matters in that often truck driver’s errors and negligence is importantly evidenced by the truck log books, which under federal law can be destroyed every 6 months. As such, people who are injured or the families of people who are killed in these types of accidents need to obtain an attorney immediately in order to have legal steps taken to preserve the evidence from these types of accidents, including the truck log books. Kentucky trucking accidents are often severe in that the size and weight of the vehicles can cause serious accidents and severe injuries. Trucking companies usually carry large insurance policies due to the possible severity if trucking accidents. People who are injured in trucking accidents have a legal right under Kentucky Law to file claims for compensation for these types of accidents. A link to the Ackerson Law Offices website ( has more information on legal damages that injury victims can claim under Kentucky law.

In cases of a death, due to a trucking accident, even one where the victim was a pedestrian or as in Mr. Johnson’s case, outside his vehicle at the time of the collision, are classified as Kentucky Wrongful Death claims (link to Kentucky Wrongful Death Claims). In cases of a wrongful death claim, the family, through legal representation, can establish an Estate through the Probate Court in the County where the deceased resided, and then proceed with legal action against the responsible parties whose actions caused the death. Wrongful death claims can be substantial in the amount of damages that can be claimed, which include a calculation of the deceased lifetime earning capacity from time of death through the average life expectancy of a person in similar situations. Under Kentucky statute, KRS 411.130, the compensation/claim received by the Estate of the deceased is then disbursed to the family of the person killed.

More information on legal claims related to accident injuries and deaths can be found at the Ackerson Law Offices website. (Link to the home page of the Ackerson Law Offices).

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