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Legal Rights Of Child Abuse Victims

Victims of child abuse, which include sexual and/or physical abuse, have legal rights under Kentucky civil law to seek monetary compensation for their suffering and injuries. Not only can the victims and/or the parents of the victims pres criminal charges for the abuse to the child, but they can also file a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator and others who bear responsibility for what has happened. Those who can be held civilly liable in addition to the actual abuser are the businesses where the abuse took place, such as a daycare or other entity where the child has been left in the care or protection of. These types of civil claims involve allegations of negligent hiring, negligent training, and/or negligent supervision, on the part of the daycare or business.

Often times, the businesses and employers are the best avenue of monetary recovery due to they carry insurance policies that will afford monetary coverage for these types of matters.

The Ackerson Law Offices ( has handled numerous cases daycare injury and abuse cases where suit has been filed on behalf of the child to recovery monetary compensation for what has happened and to afford the child money to pay for future costs involved with recovery, which often includes counseling.

Here are some links to our firm’s legal sites with information about child abuse (LINK), sexual assault (LINK), and injury to children (LINK).

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