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Hopkinsville, Kentucky Teen On Skateboard Killed In Funeral Home Parking Lot

Sunday afternoon, a teenager was killed in the parking lot of Maddox Funeral Home in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The teenager killed was sitting on his skateboard in the parking lot when another teenager driving a car in reverse struck and killed the teenager on the skateboard. The teenager driving the vehicle is reported to have pulled into the funeral home parking lot driving to the end of the lot to speak with a friend at the adjacent playground. Upon completing the conversation, the teen driver put the vehicle in reverse and drove backwards through the parking lot, striking and killing the teenager on the skateboard.

The family of the teenager killed will have a Kentucky Wrongful Death Claim (click here for a link to more information on Kentucky Wrongful Death Claims) against numerous potential parties, including the teenage driver of the vehicle that killed their son and the insurance company insuring the vehicle that was involved in the accident. Additionally, there will be potentially other insurance policies involved in this case, which will afford additional coverage for this tragedy.

Under Kentucky Law, the family of a person killed in an accident can establish a legal Estate of the person killed, via legal filings through a probate court, and civilly prosecute any potential at-fault parties for civil compensatory damages (Click here for a link to general explanation of civil compensatory damages) related to the death of their loved one. These civil damages serve as monetary punishment for the death and monetary compensation for the death of the person. Such civil damages can be substantial in cases involving a younger person, as one of the primary components considered is the lost lifetime earning capacity of the person killed.

Due to the substantial size of the damages that can be potentially recovered under these types of cases, it is important to understand insurance laws and insurance policy coverage to insure that every possible avenue of seeking full is explored and the family receives the maximum compensation allowed under the law. More information about Kentucky Wrongful Death legal claims can be obtained from the Ackerson Law Offices (

At the Ackerson Law Offices, we understand the suffering that families are going through at the time of loosing a loved one due to an unforeseen tragic accident. Our roll is to objectively see to the legal matters and details on behalf of the families, so they can spend their time dealing with their family issues and the grieving process.

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