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Richard Crittendon Injured In Motorcycle Crash In Calloway County, Kentucky

A Kentucky motorcycle accident near Murray, Kentucky has sent Richard A. Crittendon, age 54, to the hospital with injuries. This accident happened on KY 94 near Eastwood Christian Academy at approximately noon on Monday. Reports indicate that Mr. Crittendon was traveling eastbound on his 1988 Kawasaki motorcycle when a 1999 Toyota van, driven by Ruth Drew, age 44, of Murray, turned into the pathway of Mr. Ctittendon, causing his motorcycle to strike her vehicle and ejecting Mr. Crittendon from his motorcycle. Mr. Crittendon was taken to Murray-Calloway County Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Mr. Crittendon will be able under Kentucky law to seek civil damages (here is a LINK to further explanation of civil injury damages) related to this motor vehicle crash. Too often drivers do not pay enough attention to motorcyclists on the roadway, and a common cause of motorcycle accidents is when a vehicle turns into the pathway of on-coming paths of motorcycles.

When Kentucky motorcycle accidents occur they usually involve serious injuries to the motorcyclist, as such persons are propelled through the air and land breaking bones and suffering internal injuries. As such, the medical bills can be substantial for these accident victims and often the recovery time is long and work/income is missed. Due to the likelihood that the legal damages suffered by victims of motorcycle crashes will be large, insurance issues become complex and often an experienced attorney is able to seek coverage from other insurance policies, above the coverage afforded by the at-fault driver, to insure that the injury victim is fully compensated for the injury and damages suffered.

Answers to questions about Kentucky motorcycle accidents and legal damages that can be recovered from injury accidents, including compensation for bills incurred, pain & suffering, and lost wages, can be directed to the Ackerson Law Offices. (

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