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Tragic Bath County, Kentucky Auto Accident Kills Two People

On Saturday, November 9, 2013 a Bath County, Kentucky motor vehicle accident on I-64 ended in two fatalities. This crash happened around the 119 mile marker when a vehicle driven by a 23 year old woman, traveling eastbound, dipped off of the side of the road and then overcorrected into the median. Once in the median, the vehicle began to flip and collided with a pick-up truck driven by James Weaver, which was northbound. Both the young woman and Mr. Weaver were killed in the crash.

Cases like this stress the importance of constantly maintaining control of a vehicle. Even diverting attention from driving momentarily can allow for a vehicle to drift off of the roadway, and often when drivers try to correct their pathway, they overcorrect due to the panic of the situation. This can cause a loss of control of the vehicle. It’s tragic for the driver, and tragic for other victims who were in control of their vehicles but couldn’t avoid the collision with the out of control vehicle.

In a case like this one reported, the family of James Weaver will be able to establish a legal Estate through the Probate Court in order to be authorized to deal with insurance companies on behalf of the late Mr. Weaver. This representative authority will allow the Weaver Estate to make a claim of a Kentucky Wrongful Death Action against the insurance company the at-fault driver who lost control of her vehicle. Kentucky Wrongful Death Claims allow the families who have lost a loved one due to the negligence of others to seek reimbursement for funeral expenses, out of pocket expenses, lost wages that the deceased would have earned over a lifetime, and if a wife or children were survivors, then a claim for the lost love and affection of the deceased.

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