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Four Car Accident On Hardwicks Creek Road In Powell County, Kentucky

This Powell County, Kentucky motor vehicle accident occurred around 4:30 p.m. on Hardwicks Creek Road about a mile south of Clay City. Four vehicles were involved in the crash. The jaws of life were used to rescue some of the victims. Two people were airlifted to UK Hospital with life threatening injuries, and five others were transported by ambulance to the Hospital, with minor to serious injuries.

Reports at the moment are conflicting as to who and what was the cause of this tragic Powell County, Kentucky car crash. Speed has been indicated as a possible factor. A white mustang with three teenagers was caused to be spun into another vehicle upon impact with a truck/trailer. The mixed reports involve whether the mustang crossed the center lines catching a truck/trailer and then spinning out of control or whether the truck/trailer crossed the center lines catching the mustang.

This is a situation where someone was negligent in crossing the center lines, either the driver of the mustang or the driver of the truck. However, there are five other victims to this accident that clearly are not at fault, and whom now have incurred injuries, medical bills, other expenses, possible lost wages, and suffering. As such, Kentucky law will afford these victims legal civil recourse to attempt to recover their expenses and provide compensation for their injuries and suffering. An explanation of the legal damages these accident injury victims can attempt to recover can be found at the following link to the Ackerson Law Offices webpage on accidents and injuries (LINK to Legal damages). Because there are multiple vehicles involved, the insurance coverage for each victim will vary based upon the injuries and facts specific to each victim.

Due to the severity of the injuries and the numerous victims, there may be legal issues related to whether there is enough insurance coverage to cover all the damages and fully compensate each victim. If not, then the attorneys will have legal arguments over whom is entitled to the limited recovery funds available for their client’s damages, and the matter may end up before a judge seeking to have the various insurance coverage proportionally distributed to the various victims based upon the legal damages that each party can assert.

Information and questions about legal damages and how limited insurance coverage is proportionally assigned in severe accident cases can be found at the Ackerson Law Offices website ( or by speaking directly with accident victims’ attorney Brent T. Ackerson, (502) 882-5176.

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