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Linda Wilhoite, Killed By Hit & Run Drive While Walking

Linda Wilhoite, age 50, was walking in Nicholasville, Kentucky when she was struck by a hit and run driver. This fatal Kentucky Pedestrian Accident happened at Southview Drive and Edgewood Drive in Nicholasville, Kentucky. The driver who fled the scene is suspected of traveling west on Edgewood Drive after hitting Ms. Wilhoite. Anyone with information about this accident or the person responsible for hitting this woman should contact the Nicholasville Police Department at (859) 885-9468.

When pedestrians suffer from hit and run accidents involving motor vehicles, there are still possible insurance protections afforded them to help them or their families with the costs involved in these types of accidents. This financial protection and coverage, which can help with funeral bills and other expenses, is also potentially available in cases involving a death of the pedestrian. Coverage issues are determined by the facts of a particular case and the potential policies.

Information and answers to insurance coverage for victims of pedestrian accidents, including fatalities, can be sought from the Ackerson Law Offices website,, or from Attorney Brent T. Ackerson, (502) 882-5176.

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