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Semi Rear-Ends Lawrenceburg Vehicle, Injuring A Woman & Her Grandson

On Tuesday, a semi tractor-trailer rear-ended a vehicle on U.S. 127 in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. The crash occurred just before noon in front of the Walmart. Margie Wolverton, of Lawrenceburg, was driving a black Ford Fusion south on the bypass when a tractor-trailer crashed into the rear of her car. The crash sent her car down an embankment. Ms. Wolverton and her 17 year old grandson, who was also in the vehicle, were seriously hurt.

Kentucky Semi Accidents are serious matters. When a person is involved in a semi tractor-trailer accident they are advised to seek legal assistance quickly, as legal actions, letters, and notices, need to be sent out quickly to the trucking companies requiring them to preserve the trucking log/ledger information and other important documents and data that are otherwise legally allowed to be destroyed after a short period of time. The preservation of evidence is often the difference between proving complete liability in such cases and is often the difference when it comes to ensuring that the maximum amount of legal damages and compensation is awarded to the injured victims.

Both Ms. Wolverton and her grandson will have Kentucky Person Injury Claims, whereby they can seek legal damages to compensate them for their medical bills, pain & suffering, and oter expenses incurred from this accident.

Information about the rights of persons injured in semi accidents and the important steps that need to be taken legally to protect those rights can be found at and the Ackerson Law Offices.

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