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Stanetta Doss & Tamara Berry Hurt In Danville, Kentucky Car Crash

Reports indicate that an accident in Danville, Kentucky has severely injured three people, one of which was pregnant. This Kentucky Car Accident happened around 6:00 p.m. Sunday at the intersection of US 127 and 2168. Stanetta Doss was driving west on 2168 when her car was struck by a vehicle driving north on US 127. The vehicle that struck Ms. Doss’ vehicle had a pregnant passenger in it. All three individuals were taken to Ephraim McDowell Hospital for their injuries.

Ms. Doss and Tamara Berry, the pregnant passenger, both can make Kentucky personal injury claim (here is a link to more explanation about these types of claims) related to this accident for which they were not at fault for. These types of claims legally allow injured auto accident victims the right to recovery their costs for medical treatments, out of pocket expenses, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering.

In cases of serious injury, accident victims should have their legal representative contact the insurance companies and reserve all payments of medical expenses until such time that it is determined the extent of the injuries, the extent of the medical treatment needed, and the determination of what income will be lost as result of the accident. By reserving insurance proceeds, such as PIP coverage, that money can be directed to specific providers or used to cover lost wages/income more quickly than through the standard injury legal claims process.

More information about reserving PIP coverage after a motor vehicle accident can be found from the Ackerson Law Offices website. (

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