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Bayleigh Smith and 2 Teenage Passengers Injured in Trimble County, Kentucky Accident

Reports indicate that Bayleigh Smith, age 18, of Bedford, Kentucky was driving a F-150 westbound on Highway 42, with 2 passengers, when she attempted to pass two vehicles in front of her. While Bayleigh was passing the vehicles, another vehicle pulled out in an attempt to pass one of the vehicle’s Bayleigh was attempting to pass. This resulted in the second vehicle, driven by Susan Jones, of Milton, Kentucky, hitting the F-150 and forcing it from the roadway. The F-150, after being forced off the road, struck a tree and injured Bayleigh Smith and two passengers in the F-150. All three persons in the F-150 were flown to Louisville hospitals to be treated for their injuries.

Under Kentucky Motor Vehicle Laws, Bayleigh Smith and the two passengers of the vehicle will all have Kentucky Personal Injury Claims (Link to Inury Damages Claims) against Ms. Jones, as a result of this accident. As such, these Kentucky car crash victims will be able to make legal claims to recover their medical bills and be compensated for their injuries, including for their pain & suffering. In cases like this where the injuries are severe enough to require being airlifted to the hospital, its important that the victims quickly take action to enforce their legal rights and preserve/reserve all insurance payments available until they are fully recovered and finished with medical treatment. This will enable them to stretch the insurance coverage dollars to help reduce the medical bills from the accident.

More information about the legal rights of persons injured in Kentucky automobile accidents, including reservations of insurance coverage, can be found at the Ackerson Law Offices website ( or by calling attorney Brent T. Ackerson for a free consultation. (502) 882-5176.

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