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Clay City, Powell County, Kentucky 3 Pedestrians Hurts By Teen Driver

This Kentucky Pedestrian Auto Accident happened Saturday around 4:40 p.m. at the Easy Stop Gas Station in Clay City, Kentucky. The reports indicate that three men, ages 19, 25, and 24, were causing a disturbance at the gas station, and were asked to leave. The 19 year old, Jarrod Fugate, drove a vehicle an accelerated rate of speed leaving the parking lot and struck Tammy Curtis. Upon hitting Ms. Curtis, Fugate changed directions and then struck two other persons, 23 year old Kayla Rivera and 84 year old Virgil “Ben” Barnett. Alcohol is a suspected factor in this incident. The three men in the vehicle were arrested and the driver is facing numerous criminal charges.

Mr. Barnett was treated at the scene of the incident, and Ms. Curtis and Ms. Rivera were both hospitalized with injuries.

Ms. Curtis and Ms. Rivera both have Kentucky Personal Injury claims against the driver of the vehicle and the insurance company that insured the vehicle. Under Kentucky Law, the injured persons have a legal right to seek to be compensated for the medical bills, lost wages, out of pocket expenses, and suffering, related to this hit and attempted run pedestrian auto accident. Further information on legally claimed damages for pedestrian accident victims can be found at the Ackerson law Offices website (Link to Kentucky Legal Damages page).

The difficulty for persons injured, including pedestrians, in auto related accidents is the insurance coverage limits available. Often, when there are multiple injured persons, and the injuries are serious, there is only limited amount of coverage available. Experienced legal representation can help with securing coverage and compensation that the average person would not know to seek. Additionally, reserving all insurance payments until a recovery is achieved can help with deferring costs and allocating the limited coverage/funds available from the at-fault driver’s insurance.

More information on the rights of Kentucky pedestrian accident victims can be found at the Ackerson Law Office’s website ( or by call Attorney Brent T. Ackerson directly at (502) 882-5176. The Ackerson Law Offices are headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and handle legal matters throughout Kentucky.

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