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Overcorrection of Vehicle Kills Glasgow, Kentucky Man

Johnnie McElroy, age 54, of Glasgow, Kentucky, died Saturday due to injuries sustained in a crash. This tragic accident happened about 2:45 p.m. while Mr. McElroy was driving westbound on Ky 88 in Green County, Kentucky. The cause of the crash is overcorrection by an eastbound pickup. The driver of the eastbound pickup went off the shoulder of the roadway, and then overcorrected, causing his vehicle to cross the center line into traffic. Mr. McElroy died at the scene.

Too often drivers loose attention to the roadway or become distracted. When their vehicles go off the roadway, they panic and turn the driver’s wheel sharply in the other direction to correct their pathway and return to the road. Often these drivers overcorrect and force their vehicles into other lanes which can have tragic consequences as scene in this accident. As such, under Kentucky law, these drivers are negligent and responsible for the accident. In cases such as a death, the family of the person killed by the accident can file a Kentucky Wrongful Death legal claim against the responsible driver. This is a formal legal action to recovery various legal damages that relate to the accident, including a claim for the lifetime of lost earning capacity for eth person killed. The various Kentucky Legal Damages that can be claimed will vary based upon the circumstances of the accident and the persons killed.

In this tragic situation, the McElroy family has a legal claim under the law to seek a Wrongful Death Claim and financial compensation for the lost life of their loved one. Kentucky Wrongful Death Claims require that a legal “Estate” be established by the Courts, which will empower families to seek civil justice for their loss, expenses, and in cases involving spouses and children, lost of love and affection.

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