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Harrison County, Kentucky Crash Kills One & Injuries Two

A single vehicle accident in Harrison County, Kentucky last Friday has resulted in the death of one passenger and the serious injury of the driver and another passenger. Joshua Frank Fryman, age 21, died from the injuries he sustained in this crash. The driver of the vehicle and another passenger were air lifted to UK Hospital due to their injuries. This accident occurred at 1:30 a.m. on Williamstown Road. Reports indicate that the vehicle was traveling at an excessive rate of speed and struck a utility pole.

The injured passenger and the family of Mr. Fryman will both have legal claims against the driver of the vehicle. The Fryman family will have a Kentucky Wrongful Death claim whereby they can seek compensation for the loss of Joshua’s life. The other passenger in the vehicle will have a Kentucky Personal Injury claim whereby compensation for medical bills, lost wages, out of pocket expenses, and pain & suffering, can be sought.

Due to the severity and tragic nature of this accident, it is important to know each and every insurance policy available to afford coverage, including policies that most would not think to consider, including policies of the victims and policies of persons who lived with the victims. Knowledge of insurance laws help victims and there families obtain the maximum amount of coverage available to compensate them for their losses.

Often it is important to look at where the vehicle involved in the crash was coming from. If alcohol was a contributing factor to an accident, a bar or restaurant may bear some of the fault for the crash. If such is the case, then that business’s insurance will also need to be put on notice about the legal claims.

Information about the legal rights of persons injured in Kentucky motor vehicle crashes and the legal rights of families who have lost a loved one in a Kentucky motor vehicle crash, can be found at the Ackerson Law Offices’ website. (
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