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Sarah Wilson, Age 18, Was Tragically Killed In An Auto Accident Near Lancaster, Kentucky

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Sarah Wilson, age 18 and a senior at Garrard County High School, was tragically killed in a single vehicle Kentucky auto accident on Sutton Road, just outside Lancaster, Kentucky. The cause of this accident is still unclear. Reports indicate that the car that Ms. Wilson was a backseat passenger in swerved and then flipped, landing upside down. Ms. Wilson was ejected from the vehicle and died because of the car crash. The two male occupants of the car, the driver and the front seat passenger are not suffering any major injuries.

Why this happened is the main question at the moment. The Wilson family and the community will demand answers and are entitled to such. Accident re-constructionists may be able to help, but most likely we will have to rely upon witness statements from the driver and front seat passenger. Alcohol and drugs are not suspected as a cause at this moment, but a toxicology report is pending. From a Kentucky legal perspective, this accident cannot be the fault of Ms. Wilson. She was a passenger in the vehicle, and thus not responsible for the driving of that car. Kentucky law requires that the operators of vehicles keep their cars under control. In this case the driver did not, and the result was a tragic loss of such a young person. The Wilson family has legal rights due to this tragedy and is entitled to seek justice for the loss of Sarah’s life.

Under Kentucky law, the family of a person killed in a Kentucky auto accident can seek civil legal justice for the loss of a person’s life. This would be classified as a Kentucky Wrongful Death claim, whereby an Estate can seek damages for the loss of life, including the lost lifetime earnings potential of the deceased. As such, the monetary damages that can be sought are substantial. While monetary damages can never replace Ms. Wilson, it can help her family seek justice and accountability for her death. Such monetary awards can be used to help the family pay for expenses related to the death, including mental healthcare and therapy to cope with the loss. Some families even use the damages recovered to establish memorial funds to help other people and preserve the memory of their lost loved one. This is a tragedy, as such a young person with so much ahead of her was taken. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Wilson’s in their time of loss.

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