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Louis Carlisle Killed Crossing Dixie Highway

Louis H. Carlisle, age 53, was killed in a pedestrian auto accident on Monday. The accident happened around 7:30 p.m. It is reported that Mr. Carlisle was walking across the road outside a designated crosswalk. This however does not means the accident is totally his fault. All factors must be considered and a thorough accident re-construction should be performed to determine what factors came into play in the death of Mr. Carlisle. The Carlisle family may have legal rights related to this accident and the death of Mr. Carlisle.

Under Kentucky Law, legally this state recognizes apportionment of fault, and therefore, unless a person is 100% at fault for an accident, they or their family can still legally recovery for the % of fault that was not theirs, which relates to the injuries or death. In cases such as this one, apportionment legal issues can be complex, but are not a total bar for the family of a person killed, who are seeking legal justice and accountability.

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