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Two People Injured In Lexington, KY When SUV Runs Red Light

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An injury accident has occurred in Lexington, KY. Reports indicate that a white van turned onto Versailles Road in Lexington and collided with an SUV that ran a red light. The Driver of the SUV was not injured, but the van’s driver and passenger were both injured. This Lexington Kentucky auto accident occurred on 2/19/13 and appears to legally be the fault of the SUV due to running the red light.

In case such as this car crash, the victims of the van have legal rights that under Kentucky law they can seek damages from the driver of the SUV and the insurance company that insured the SUV. The legal damages that these persons can claim will depend on the extent of their injuries, and can include medical bills, compensation for pain and suffering, and any lost wages incurred due to the injuries.

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