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Pedestrian Hit In Lexington By Car At Intersection Of Nicholasville Road & Malabu Drive

Lexington, Kentucky Police have reported that a person was hit crossing the road at the intersection of Nicholasville Road & Malabu Drive. Reports indicate the pedestrian was in the crosswalk when the accident happened. The walker was taken to the hospital with severe injuries. As a pedestrian, drivers owe a duty of extra care and precaution to not injure walkers. When pedestrians are hit by motor vehicles, they can seek to be legally compensated for their injuries and financial losses.

Even when a walker/pedestrian is hit crossing the road while not in the designated crosswalk area, they may still be able to seek legal compensation for their injuries. Every accident involving a pedestrian requires a full examination of the facts and circumstances surrounding it in order to determine who is legally at fault and for what percentage of the accident. Insurance companies immediately begin their investigations and preservation of their evidence related to pedestrian accidents the moment that they learn of such. It is important that injured victims also get prompt protection of their legal rights and legal advice related to their situation.

The Ackerson law Offices (, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, are experienced in protecting the legal rights of pedestrians hit by motor vehicles and maximizing compensation to our clients/victims.

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