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Ricky Lugo Killed & Two Others Injured In Kentucky Single Vehicle Auto Accident

This single vehicle auto crash happened when the driver of the vehicle hit a guard rail, then attempted to over correct the vehicle, and ended up flipping the vehicle in the median. It resulted in the driver and one passenger suffering severe injury and being taken to the hospital. Another passenger, Ricky Lugo, died at the scene of the crash from his injuries. This Kentucky motor vehicle accident happened in Gallatin County, Kentucky. The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

Drivers and passengers in vehicles that are involved in Kentucky crashes have legal rights that need to be protected. It’s important to examine what caused the crash so that responsibility can be assigned, and those not at fault can seek legal justice and compensation under the law for their financial and legal damages. Serious accidents run up huge medical bills, lost wages, and can result in permanent injuries. Deaths in accidents are even more emotionally and financially overwhelming. Its important to have objective, knowledgeable, and aggressive help through the legal, medical, and insurance pitfalls that arise under such conditions.

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