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Christopher Bailey Killed In Motorcycle Crash

52 year old Christopher Bailey was killed Friday in a Kentucky motorcycle accident. Reports indicate that Mr. Bailey was traveling Norton Street in Paducah, Kentucky when a vehicle driven by an elder gentleman attempted to turn left onto Norton Street from 3rd Street. In doing so, the elderly driver turned into the pathway of Mr. Bailey, who was unable to avoid the collision and struck the corner of the turning vehicle. Both Mr. Bailey and the driver of the turning vehicle were taken to the hospital for their injuries. Mr. Bailey died at the hospital.

Motorists must be mindful of motorcyclists. In this case the driver failed to yield the right-of-way to Mr. Bailey’s motorcycle and negligently turned into the pathway. As such, under Kentucky Law, the family of Mr. Bailey will have a Kentucky Wrongful Death Claim against the other driver. Mr. Bailey’s Estate will be responsible for medical bills from this accident, and his Estate, that being his family, will have claims related to their loss of Christopher Bailey’s life, his lifetime of lost earnings, his pain and suffering from the crash just prior to his death, and funeral expenses.

Families who have lost loved ones in Kentucky motorcycle accidents suffer not only emotional hardships, but also financial hardships due to all sorts of bills and the lost income that the deceased would have been able to provide. As such, Kentucky law recognizes that wrongful death claims are one avenue to try to help a family monetarily with the loss they have suffered. The Ackerson Law Offices ( are experienced in helping victims and families of victims involved in Kentucky Motorcycle accidents.

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