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Louisville, Kentucky: Fatal Accident On The Greenbelt Highway, School Bus Monitor Killed & Two Others Injured

A two car accident early Thursday morning has resulted in one death and two persons injured. Barbara Jeffries, age 54, was a Jefferson County Public School bus monitor. She was driving a Chevy Cobalt northbound on the Greenbelt when the car she was driving collided with a Ford Taurus that was attempting to turn left onto Trade Port. Jefferies was taken to UL hospital where she died. The two men in the Taurus were also taken to the hospital with injuries. The car crash is presently under investigation.

This auto accident could result in a wrongful death suit by Jeffries Estate and suit by the passenger of the Taurus against the driver of the Taurus, or personal injury claims by the two persons in the Taurus against Jeffries Estate. The Injured passenger from the Taurus, will have a claim for damages, even if from teh Driver of the Taurus. Fault in this auto accident will depend upon the findings of the Police investigation. At first glance, based upon the Taurus turning left, it would appear that the driver of the Taurus will be found to be at fault for this accident. However, it is important to have a good accident re-constructionist examine this crash scene to be sure that all evidence is preserved and a full understanding of what happened is determined.

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