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Hit & Run Car Accident Driver Flees Scene Of Accident After Injuring One Adult & Three Children

On Saturday, an auto accident occurred on Six Mile Lane. The accident happened after a driver of a rented 2011 Lincoln Town Car, that was traveling southbound, left the roadway and then overcompensated back onto the road, crossing into the lane of on coming traffic, and hit a late model Lincoln Town Car head on. The driver of the 2011 rented Lincoln briefly spoke with some witnesses after the car crash, but the fled the scene of the accident. Police are still searching for this person.

The motor vehicle crash injured 4 of the 5 people in the older model Lincoln. One adult was taken to University Hospital and three children were taken to Kosair Children’s Hospital. One of the children was suffering life threatening injuries and had to under go immediate surgery. This is a clear case of the driver of the 2011 Lincoln, who fled the scene of the accident, being at fault in this wreck. This car accident is being classified as a hit and run crash. In accidents that involve hit and run drivers, the injured persons should look to their own insurance policies for immediate recovery of damages from this accident, which will include medical bills, pain & suffering, and lost wages. Once the driver who fled the accident scene is located, the injured persons and children can seek recourse and damages recovery against his insurance company also. Cases involving serious injuries and hit and run drivers can be complicated insurance matters, which require looking into all potential sources of damage recovery.

If anyone has information about the identity or the whereabouts of the driver of the 2011 rented Lincoln Town car, which had Tennessee license plates, the should immediately contact Louisville Metro Police at 574-LMPD (574-5673) We as a community should not stand for this type of behavior. Accidents may happen, but to flee the scene of a car accident where people have been injured, especially children, is irreprehensible. The fullest extent of the legal system, both criminal and civil, should be brought to bear upon this hit and run driver.

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