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Salyersville, Kentucky Fatal Car Crash Kills Innocent Driver

Salyersville, Kentucky, which is in Magoffin County in Eastern, Kentucky, has experienced another fatal auto accident. The car crash happened on U.S. 460 in Magoffin County. Kentucky State Police have reported that Trenton Tackett was driving a Subaru Outback when he crossed the center line of the road and crashed head on into a motor vehicle driven by Anita Back, of Seitz, Kentucky. Ms. Back was driving a Chevy pickup and was killed in the collision. This is a potential Kentucky wrongful death case.

This tragic auto accident appears to be clearly the fault of Tackett. Even so, it is import to have a thorough investigation of what exactly happened and why. A thorough investigation could reveal additional factors such as cell phone use or texting, and could also point to other parties bearing some fault in an indirect way for this loss of life.

Persons killed in auto accidents often leave loved ones suffering and may leave behind family members who depended upon them for support and household income. In such cases, the family of the deceased can establish an Estate which seeks justice from the at fault parties. The Estate can seek damages for medical bills, funeral bills, lost income of the deceased, and potentially pain & suffering. In cases of a death, the damages can be calculated in very large amounts because of the lifetime of lost income and earning potential. Because the personal injury and wrong death dames cane be so high, it is important to have someone knowledgeable about insurance laws so that every source of recovery is examined, including the insurance policies of the deceased. These sources of recovery can afford financial justice for the loved ones who must pick up the pieces from tragedies like this and move forward with their lives.

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