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Kentucky Roaming Horses & Livestock Cause Serious Auto Accidents

Kentucky Revised Statutes 259.210 provides that livestock are not permitted to “roam at-large” and the owner is liable for any damages that may result. Owners of livestock, horses and cattle, are responsible to take reasonable and prudent measures to assure that these animals do not roam freely and cause accidents or injury to others. That responsibility includes fencing the animals in and taking other precautions so the livestock do not cause problems for others in the surrounding area. When those responsibilities are ignored or neglected tragedies such as this can result, including serious and fatal auto accidents.

The landowner’s insurance companies should be responsible for medical bills and other harms and losses that are incurred when animals roam freely and cause injury. These types of incidents along country roads cause major motor vehicle crashes. Additionally, more aggressive animals that get loose and roam can attack adults or children.

Recently in Estill County, Kentucky a woman died after hitting a horse that was loose on a Kentucky roadway. The horse was struck by two vehicles, killing an occupant of one of the autos. Sadly, this tragic accident almost certainly could have been avoided. In case such as this, the injured person will have a personal injury claim for medical bills, lost wages, and pain & suffering against the negligent owner of the horse. The deceased person’s family and Estate will have a wrongful death claim against the horse’s owner.

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