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Benjamin Johnston Killed In Kentucky Crash

A fatal accident involving a moped and a SUV has resulted in the death of a 27 year old man, Benjamin Johnston. The motor vehicle accident occurred at an intersection on US-23 in Greenup County. Mr. Johnston was riding a moped and attempting to turn make a turn, when according to police, Jamie Miller in an SUV ran a red light and hit Johnston. Mr. Johnston was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries. Miller is suspected, according to reports, of being intoxicated.

This is a tragic loss of life, which may be even worse if intoxication is a factor. The Johnston family has legal rights related to the death of Benjamin Johnston. The family may be able to proceed with a Kentucky Wrongful Death civil lawsuit against Mr. Miller and potentially others. In cases where intoxication is involved, it is important to establish an earlier legal investigation by an attorney of the facts so that evidence is not lost. Its important to fully examine all possible legally responsible persons and/or all parties who might have some, even if small, percentage of responsibility. This is important when it comes to making sure that there is adequate insurance coverage to afford full legal recovery and justice for the substantial dollars involved in a death case. The Johnston family could potentially be looking at substantial sums in a recovery for the loss of Benjamin’s life under the law. In Kentucky Wrongful Death cases, the monetary damages allowed under the law include a lifetime of lost wages/earning potential, which can place the potential damages in the million dollar range. As such all avenues of financial recovery must be examined to insure that the family is afforded the maximum amount of justice under the law.

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