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Two Good Samaritans Killed On I-64

A multiple vehicle accident occurred Monday on I64 in Shelby County, Kentucky, killing to persons who had witnessed the original crash, gotten out of their vehicles to assist, and then were struck by a semi that was trying to avoid the initial collision. The two good Samaritans were identified as Charles Burtt, of Virginia, and Jamaal Wood, of Louisville, Kentucky.

Reports indicate that a semi tractor trailer had pulled over at mile marker 37.5. Another semi tractor trailer then struck that truck, swerved towards the median and struck a car. Mr. Burtt and Mr. Woods witnessed this crash and then proceeded to exit their vehicles to help lend assistance to those involved in this initial crash. At that time, a third semi tractor trailer attempted to avoid the wreck and struck Mr. Burtt and Mr. Wood, killing them.

This tragedy stems from driver inattentiveness and the willingness of two brave men who attempted to help others. The Woods Family and the Burtt Family both have suffered a great loss for which they can be made whole from. Kentucky law will afford them legal rights that will attempt to help ease their financial burdens, via Kentucky Wrongful Death Claims, from this accident, but such legal damages cannot replace their loved ones.

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