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Driver Headed In Wrong Direction On I-71 Causes Fatal Crash And Injuries

Donald R. Pickett, age 71, of Flatrock, Indiana, drove his 2006 Volkswagen the wrong direction on I-71 Saturday evening and caused a multiple car accident that has injured two people and killed himself and one other. The crash happened at approximately 9:20 p.m. near Crestwood, Kentucky in Oldham County. Reports indicate that alcohol may have been a factor leading to this fatal accident.

Pickett, who was driving northbound in the southbound lane of traffic, collided head-on with a 2007 Infiniti driven by Victor Chavez, age 27, of Louisville, Kentucky. George Chavez, age 27, and Julio Chavez, age 29, were both passengers in Victor Chavez’s vehicle. All three passengers in the Infiniti were taken to UL Hospital to be treated for their injuries. George Chavez died at UL Hospital due to the injuries he had sustained in the crash. Puckett was also killed in the crash after he was ejected from his vehicle which then struck a third vehicle.

While it is not fully known at this time why Pickett was driving in the wrong lane of traffic, if alcohol was a factor this tragedy is even worse. The innocent victims of this crash, the Chavez’s and their families should pursue every avenue possible to have all the causes of this crash investigated, and if alcohol truly was a factor, they should utilize not only the criminal justice system, but also the Kentucky civil justice system to seek justice.

Victor Chavez and Julio Chavez both will have Kentucky Personal Injury Claims whereby they can seek to recovery their legal damages sustained from this crash, which will include lost wages, payment of medical bills, compensation fro their physical injuries, emotion injuries, and pain & suffering. The family of George Chavez will be able to make a Kentucky Wrongful Death Claim whereby they, through the establishment of legal estate, can pursue various legal damages related to the death of George Chavez. Civil legal claims related to accidents like this help to punish drinking and driving and deter others from this deadly conduct. Such legal claims can also help families who will financially suffer from these types of tragic accidents.

In cases where drivers are impaired or drunk, the legal claims to be examined in an accident are not only related to the at-fault driver, but can also extend other businesses that may have served the driver alcohol. Bars and restaurants have legal responsibilities not to over serve alcohol to patrons, and if they do and such results in an accident, they can be held responsible. These types of legal claims are called “Kentucky Dram Shop” actions, and deal with the over service of intoxicants. In such cases, families that have been injured and pursue these types of claims, really help everyone, as such legal claims will punish business owners who put profits over safety.

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