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Three Car Crash Kills 25 Year Old & Injuries Others In Breathitt County, Kentucky

Tabitha Perkins, age 25, of Leslie County, Kentucky died at the scene of a 3 car crash on Ky 15 in Breathitt County, Kentucky. This accident was a head-on collision caused by a driver of a Chevy Truck heading southbound on Ky 15. It is reported that the southbound driver, cross the center line of the road, sideswiped one truck before colliding head-on with Ms. Perkin’s Chevrolet sport-utility vehicle. The driver of the at-fault vehicle and two passengers from Ms. Perkin’s vehicle were taken to area hospitals to be treated fro their injuries. The Perkins family and the passengers of Ms. Perkins vehicle have Kentucky legal rights related to this accident. (link to an explanation of the legal rights of innocent persons injured or killed in Kentucky Auto Accidents).

Drivers of vehicles in Kentucky owe a duty under the law to other drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians, to operate motor vehicles safely and with controls of the roadway. When a vehicle leaves its lane and enters another lane of traffic, that vehicle has not been operated safely nor under the controls and constraints of the roadway. Thus that driver has been negligent in the operation of that vehicle and injuries that ensue from such are actionable under Kentucky law.

Information on the rights of persons injured or killed in Kentucky motor vehicle accidents can be found at the Ackerson Law Offices website. ( Information about Kentucky Wrongful Death legal claims and Kentucky car crash legal claims can be found on that website.

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