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Teenage Driver, Elissa Greenwell, Killed In Louisville Auto Accident

A driver driving in the wrong lane died from injuries he sustained in a crash of the Greenbelt Highway in Louisville, Kentucky. Tragically he also caused the death of a 17 year old teenage girl, with who he crashed his vehicle into. Ellissa Greenwell was driving a SUV in the proper lane of traffic when she was hit by the male driver. Ms. Greenwell was taken from the scene of the crash to the hospital where she later died. Alcohol is believed to be a factor in this crash.

This tragic drunk driving accident should not go unpunished. Even though the at-fault driver was killed in the accident, and thus no criminal charges will be levied, the family of the deceased can seek to use the civil justice system to file a civil Wrongful Death Suit against the driver of the vehicle’s estate, the insurance companies involved, and use the case to seek to determine if the drunk driver had been over-served at a business prior to the accident. If over-service of alcohol was a factor, then the business which did such can be sued under Kentucky Dram Shop laws and penalized for putting profits over safety, which resulted in the loss of life.

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