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Mount Sterling, Kentucky: Rebecca Rowe Killed In Car Crash Caused By Roaming Horse

Rebecca Rowe, age 56, was killed Monday in a single vehicle car crash. Ms. Rowe swerved the vehicle she was driving to avoid hitting a horse. When she did, her car flipped, left the roadway, and sank in a pond. Ms. Rowe, who was wearing her seatbelt, was not able to escape her car and died in the sunken vehicle. This is a case where a tragic turn of events took the life of a woman who had a long life ahead of her. Her accident, based upon the reports and eyewitness statements, appears to be the result of avoiding a horse that should not have been encroaching the roadway.

Owners of animals and livestock have a responsibility under Kentucky law to keep their animals from freely roaming. When an animal roams freely and causes an auto accident, the animal’s owner is legally responsible for the negligence that animal causes. Because this accident involves a fatality, the family and Estate of Rebecca Rowe will have a Kentucky wrongful death claim against the animal’s owner. Under Kentucky law, this type of legal claim will entail claims for a lifetime of lost earning capacity of Ms. Rowe. Due to her young age, the legal compensation that can be claimed will likely be substantial.

For more information on the rights of families who have lost a loved one due to due to the negligence of others, including animals and livestock owners, whose animals cause fatal accidents, contact the Ackerson Law Offices and Kentucky wrongful death attorney Brent T. Ackerson at (502) 882-5176 or by clicking hereattorney Ackerson directly.

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