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Mary Casebier Injured In Oldham County, Kentucky Car Crash

Mary Casebier, age 50, of Louisville, Kentucky was injured Thursday morning in a car crash on I-71 in Oldham County. The accident happened around 7:44 a.m. after a car traveling south on I-71 crossed the median of the expressway and struck Ms. Casebier’s Jeep. Ms. Casebier was taken from the accident to UL Hospital. This unfortunate Kentucky auto accident clearly is not the fault of Ms. Casebier. As such, Kentucky law will afford Ms. Casebier legal recourse for the damages she has suffered, including lost wages, medical bills, and compensation for her pain and suffering.

The legal complexities that people in these types of car wrecks face is dealing with insurance companies and insurance coverage. The goal in legally resolving these types of cases, under Kentucky law, is trying to maximize the insurance coverage so as to maximize the legal compensation that the victim can receive. In serious auto accidents, its important to quickly reserve PIP coverage (ever person in Kentucky is required to carry $10,000.00 in auto PIP coverage) so that this initial source of coverage is not exhausted due to hospital charges that can be negotiated at a later date. PIP coverage can be used to pay lost wages rather than medical bills, and thus can help the injured person with their personal bills prior to resolving the claim/case. It’s also important to be knowledgeable in all the potential policies and coverage that can be pooled to assure that there is enough insurance coverage to cover what the victim is entitled to under the law.

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