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Man Killed At Bus Stop When Hit By Car In Louisville, Kentucky

Samuel Hazley III of Louisville, Kentucky was pronounced dead at 7:31 a.m. at University of Louisville Hospital. Mr. Hazley had been waiting for a bus, at the bus stop located at Dixie Highway & Blanton Lane, when a driver of a Suzuki Sidekick lost control of the vehicle, veered out of the northbound lane of Dixie Highway, and hit Mr. Hazley. The driver of the vehicle admitted to police that he had fallen asleep at the wheel. This is a tragic accident that could have been avoided. Drivers who are tired or fatigued should not operate their vehicles. Driver fatigue can be as dangerous as drinking and driving. In this case, the consequences have been tragic as Mr. Hazley has lost his life. This is a crosswalk or pedestrian styled legal death claim, in which there will be many different sources of insurance recovery to be examined.

Negligent drivers who fall asleep at the wheel and cause injury or death to another person are liable under Kentucky law. In this case Mr. Hazley’s family and his Estate have a clear case of wrongful death against the driver of the Suzuki. The legal damages that will be able to be recovered vary from case to case and depend upon various legal factors. An estate will need to be set up to empower a person to become the legal representative of the deceased Mr. Hazley, and from there, the family will have authority to begin to seek to be legally compensated for their loss.

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