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Louisville, Kentucky Has High Ranking Of Cities With Pedestrian Fatalities

For the calendar years 2000 through 2009, amongst 52 metropolitan areas, Louisville has been ranked 19th concerning pedestrian fatalities. In a recent report by Transportation for America, a safety-advocacy organization, the Louisville, Kentucky area had a “pedestrian danger index” rating of 95.7. That rating was based upon 192 pedestrian fatalities from 2000 through 2009. That figure translates to an average annual pedestrian fatality of 1.6 per 100,000 people. The metro Louisville area has approximately 700,000 residents currently in 2011.

Comparing Louisville with other metro areas, Nashville, TN ranked 14th with 204 pedestrian deaths and had a pedestrian danger index of 109.7. Indianapolis, IN ranked 31st with 180 pedestrian deaths and had a pedestrian danger index of 63.5, and Cincinnati, OH ranked 42nd with 172 pedestrian deaths and had a pedestrian danger index of 37.7. The highest ranked cities, which makes them the most dangerous for pedestrians, were Orlando, FL, Tampa, FL, Jacksonville, FL, and Miami, Fl. Orlando’s pedestrian danger index was 255.4.

Kentucky pedestrian fatalities, if involving a motor vehicle striking the pedestrian, have numerous legal recovery options, including automobile insurance policies owned by the deceased pedestrian. If the death is related to a dangerous property condition, then there maybe property owner insurance or business insurance coverage to provide for a legal recovery for the family of the victim. The legal damages that can be claimed and recovered under Kentucky law resulting from pedestrian deaths, which are classified as Kentucky wrongful death claims, can vary based upon the economic factors of the deceased.

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