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Louisville Kentucky Motorcyclist Killed, Lets Hope He Had PIP Coverage.

A motorcyclist was killed this week in Louisville, Kentucky in hospital curve on I-65. This was a single vehicle accident whereby the motorcycle lost control in the fast lane during the curve. He struck the median wall and was thrown over the wall into the oncoming traffic lanes, where he was killed. The road conditions were wet and the motorcyclist was wearing his helmet. In cases like this, we hope that the motorcyclist had Kentucky No Fault Insurance (PIP) coverage. While PIP coverage is required on all cars and trucks, it is not mandatory on motorcycles. In cases like this where a person is killed and in other cases injured, while riding a motorcycle, PIP is sometimes the only insurance coverage available to help compensate for damages, including lost wages and medical bills. In this case where the rider died, PIP would have afforded his family compensation for his funeral or lost wages.

For more information on the importance of having PIP coverage when riding motorcycles, contact Kentucky motorcycle injury attorney Brent T. Ackerson at (502) 882-5176 or by clicking here directly with your questions.

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