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Louisville, Kentucky Fire On Ruth Avenue

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Louisville Fire and Rescue have responded to and are battling a fire on the1600 Block of Ruth Avenue, in Louisville, Kentucky. Reports are not in yet on whether anyone has been injured in this fire. Home and apartment fires are tragic for the residents involved, including the residents in the direct proximity of the fire. Not only can a fire result in loss of life, but residents of the premises and the surrounding residents can loose all of their belongs to the fire, smoke damages, and water damage (from the attempts to fight the fire).

In cases of fires, the hope is that those affected have had the forethought to purchase insurance to cover such losses. Renters insurance is cheap and can help to put families’ lives back in a position to move forward in the event of a total loss. Anytime there is a fire, the question will be raised of who is at fault and what happened. From there, the victims of the fire can move forward with seeking to try to put their lives back in order. Examining fault will help to know who to seek financial redress from.

For more information on the rights of people who have suffered from a Kentucky fire, be it destroyed property, injury, or loss of life, contact the Ackerson Law Offices and Kentucky fire attorney Brent T. Ackerson at (502) 882-5176 or email Brent directly by by clicking here.

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