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Garrard County, Kentucky: Worker’s Personal Injury Lawsuit

Thumbnail image for 952313_gavel.jpgA Rockcastle man who was doing construction work in Garrard County, Kentucky has filed a lawsuit after being injured while working road construction. At the time of the accident, the man was operating a blacktop paver when the paver was struck by a dump truck driver. The man was thrown from the paver over a guardrail and suffered serious injuries. The dump truck went on to hit and injury two other workers. The Kentucky State Police have cited unsafe speed, road conditions and driver unfamiliarity with the area as causes of the accident.

In cases where people are injured while working by a person not employed by the same employer or business, the injured people have both a workers compensation claim and a third party negligence claim to recover their lost wages, medical bills, and pain & suffering. Many times workers compensation does not afford a full recovery for the injured worker. In cases like the above, the worker can sue the driver of the dump truck and the business that owned the dump truck to recovery the full amount of monetary compensation and reimbursement he or she is owed. These are referred to as third party claims and they seek to make sure that the injured person is granted full justice and a full financial recovery.

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