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Lacy Brinton Killed In Auto Accident, Owensboro, Kentucky

Lacy Brinton, age 27, was tragically killed in an Ownesboro, Kentucky traffic accident on February 21, 2013. The fault of this accident is a spilled substance on the roadway. Police are trying to identify the truck that spilled it. Reports are stating that it may have been live stock feed. This substance caused Ms. Brinton to loose control of her vehicle and die in the subsequent crash. The crash happened on the William Natcher Parkway.

Kentucky law affords families, who have lost loved ones in accidents, legal avenues to seek justice. The Brinton Family and Lacy’s Estate will have a Kentucky Wrongful Death claim, whereby they can seek justice for Lacy’s death. This tragic loss of life could have been avoided. This law firms thoughts and prayers are with the Brinton family at this time of their loss.

For more information about the legal rights of families who have lost a loved one due to the negligence of others, contact Kentucky Wrongful Death Attorney Brent T. Ackerson and the Ackerson Law Offices at (502) 882-5176. (Click here to contact online).

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