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Kevin Kaaks Killed Whitley County, Kentucky Car Crash

Kevin Kaaks, age 42, was killed when a truck collided with the passenger side of his vehicle. Two minor children were also injured in this accident, and taken to the hospital. This Whitley County, Kentucky auto accident happened Sunday afternoon at the intersection of Bee Creek Road and Cumberland Falls Highway. The children in this accident are listed in critical condition.

The family of Kevin Kaaks will be able to make a Kentucky Wrongful Death Claim under Kentucky Civil Law to attempt to seek civil justice for Kevin’s death. Claims like these can be complicated and substantial in size. Death cases in Kentucky allow the family and the Estate of the deceased to seek lost wage for the remainder of the deceased expected lifetime. Pain & suffering damages may also be available depending on the particular circumstances of the accident, and spouses and children under the age of 18 will be allowed to make a loss of consortium/love and affection claims.

The two minor children will have Kentucky Personal Injury claims from this accident, which will include medical bill recovery (both past and future), pain & suffering, and possible future impairment claims.

The Ackerson Law Offices, a Louisville based law firm, (click here for a link to the firm and more information) handles these types of claims for victims and families, and are available to answer any questions about the process and the law.

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