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Kentucky Car Wrecks Due To Drivers’ Lose Of Control & Then Overcorrection

Kentucky State Police have reported two recent accidents which are believed to be the fault of driver overcorrection after losing control of their vehicle.

On Ky-44, Charity Waldridge lost control of her vehicle at the intersection of Ky-1060 after she overcorrected her vehicle and entered the westbound lane of Ky-44. Her car struck another vehicle driven by Billy White. Mr. White was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. A juvenile was also injured in this accident.

On Ky-1295, in Madison County, Kentucky, a car wreck has also happened due to driver overcorrection. Brandon Gross, age 18, of Richmond, Kentucky, was reported to have been driving east on Ky-1295 when his car partially left the roadway. Gross appears to have overcorrected and then entered the westbound lane, which caused a collision with a car driven by Garland Adams, age 61, of Stanford, Kentucky. Mr. Adams was flown to UK Medical Center where he died.

In both these instances, the fault and negligence likely falls on drivers overcorrecting, which caused them to enter the other lane of traffic. Whether inattention to the road or whatever caused the need to correct the driving, overcorrection has resulted in the loss of two lives. The estates of these families will have wrongful death claims, and if insurance of the at fault drivers are not adequate in their coverage, there may also be claims made against the deceased’s insurance coverage to attempt to insure that the families of those killed will receive the money needed to compensate them for their losses.

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