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Cynthiana Kentucky Driver’s Inattentiveness Causes Head On Car Wreck

It has been reported that a car accident on Highway 356 in Harrison County, Kentucky has resulted in the hospitalization of a couple from Sadieville. The couple were traveling eastbound on Hwy 356 when a man driving a truck westbound reached down to pick something up off the floor of his truck. When the truck’s driver looked back at the road, he had drifted into the lane of oncoming traffic and struck the Sadieville couple’s vehicle head-on. The truck’s driver was not seriously injured, but the couple were injured and airlifted to UK Hospital.

This accident appears to be a clear case of driver inattentiveness. When on takes their eyes and attention from the road, while driving, terrible accidents can happen. Many drivers take for granted the severity of even brief moments of not paying 100% attention to their driving. In this case, the injured couple have paid a severe price for the other driver’s momentary lapse in his responsibilities.

The injured couple will have the ability to claim negligence on the part of the inattentive driver, and can legally seek to be compensated for the medical bills incurred, lost wages, damage to their vehicle, and pain & suffering for what they have had to endure. While no one believes that the other driver intended to harm this couple, the law requires that persons who are negligent and cause injury to another due to that negligence must be financially responsible to compensate the injured party for their damages.

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