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Head-On DUI Crash On Tennessee River Bridge Results In Injures And A DUI

A Kentucky Drunk Driving Accident injures innocent driver. George Ryan, age 64, has been criminally charged with DUI 1st Offense, Assault 2nd Degree, Criminal Mischief 1st Degree, & Failure to maintain auto insurance, after he drove intoxicated in the wrong direction of traffic on US Highway 60/Tennessee River Bridge. Mr. Ryan’s vehicle crashed head-on into a vehicle driven by 28 year old Jackee Duncan, of Ledbetter, Kentucky, who was taken to the hospital for injuries.

A major legal concern from this accident is the civil liability owed by Mr. Ryan to his innocent victim. Because Mr. Ryan failed to maintain his automobile insurance, the civil legal damages sustained by Jackee Duncan may go without compensation. In cases where the at-fault party has no insurance, it’s important that the victim carry uninsured motorist coverage on the vehicle they are in. Uninsured motorist coverage insures drivers against legal damages caused by drivers who do not have insurance. In cases that involve drinking and driving, another potential source for civil legal recovery and compensation for innocent victims is possibly from the bar or restaurant that last served the alcohol to the drunk driver that caused the accident. Under Kentucky law this type of legal action against bar/restaurant owners who over serve alcohol to drivers is known as a 3rd party Kentucky Dram Shop Action, and involves claims of negligent alcohol service to at-fault drivers. The difficult part in cases of over service is acquiring the knowledge of where the at-fault driver last was served alcohol. As such, immediate legal action against the driver may be the only means of forcing information about where the person had been drinking prior to the accident.

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